About Sports Performance Volleyball

The Sports Performance volleyball program is completely dedicated to providing its athletes with the technical, tactical and physical training to reach their highest possible potential. We will strive to help each and every player regardless of age or ability to achieve maximum performance.

Current SPVB Accomplishments

  • 92 AAU / JVA / USAV National Championships (Girls and Boys)
  • 8 USAV 18 Open National Championships (Girls)
  • 21 USAV 18 Open division medals (1983-2007) (Girls)
  • 23 USAV 18 Open division top five finishes (1983-2007) (Girls)
  • 44 USAV Age Group Medals (Girls)
  • 156 AAU Age Group Medals (Girls and Boys)
  • 145 USAV All Tournament Team Selections (Girls)
  • 530 AAU All-Americans (Girls and Boys)
  • 756 Alumni To Play Collegiate Volleyball (Girls)
  • 236 Alumni To Play Collegiate Volleyball (Boys)

339 Universities and Colleges Attended By SPVB Alumni

106 Alumni to Big Ten Universities

23 Alumni have been selected "First Team All Big Ten"

9 times Sports Performance alumni have been named "Big Ten Player of the Year"

9 Years Sports Performance alumni have been named "Big Ten Freshman of the Year"

20 Sports Performance alumni have been named to the "AVCA All American" team(s)

24 International tours: Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico, Russia

Program Philosophy

For the younger player we want to develop a solid base of fundamental skill as well as a passion for the sport. As players get older and progress through the program we want to provide the path to a level of excellence that allows each and every athlete to test their own limitations. Only by constantly testing our limits can we truly find our potential. This is the true measure that separates greatness from mediocrity and determines who will be the champion and who will fall short. Champions are not always the winner of the final match, but their effort and commitment to themselves and their teammates is the ultimate gold medal.

Trophy case displaying all of Sports Performance Volleyball's accomplishments
Volleyball player on her knees digging a ball

We want our athletes to understand what the term "Commitment To Excellence" really stands for. That it is not a part time endeavor to be turned on and off depending on the mood or feeling of the day. We also want them to understand what it means to be a part of a team and what the word "teammate" really stands for. A group of people who share a common goal together and the members of that group understand and agree to make the sacrifices necessary to make that goal become reality. These people learn that individual needs are put aside for the good of the team or the team is destined to fail. Being a part of a team and making sacrifices and commitments to help that team achieve success is possibly the greatest single lesson to be learned from athletics. It is truly a selfless commitment rather than a selfish one.

About Great Lakes Volleyball

Great Lakes Volleyball Inc. (GLV Inc.) was founded in 1990 with the building of The Great Lakes Volleyball Center in West Chicago, Illinois. At that time the Great Lakes Volleyball Center was the first volleyball facility in the United States built from the ground up. The original facility had four courts within an estimated 20,000 square feet. In 1994 the facility was expanded to six courts with an additional 11,000 square feet.

In 2003 GLV Inc. purchased five acres in Aurora, Illinois and a new 60,000 square foot state of the art facility was built that included eight spacious courts that sit on top of three layers of plywood and 36,000 pieces of rubber to provide one of the softest playing surfaces available anywhere in the world. In 2012 five more acres and four additional courts (25,000 s.f.) were added when the "Great Lakes Center Youth Academy" was built. The GLCYA is dedicated to the development of the youth volleyball athlete and services over 1,000 athletes each year ages 3-13.

Womens volleyball team huddling together on court
Male volleyball player spiking a ball over the net

The Great Lakes Center includes the following:

  • Full time retail store that includes a wide variety of apparel, team wear, volleyball accessories and educational videos.
  • Expansive, full service weight training facility.
  • Full service training room.
  • Large, spacious concession area.
  • 11,000 square foot mezzanine viewing area overseeing all eight courts.
  • Parking for 500+ cars.


GLV Inc. has evolved into an extensive volleyball business providing a full spectrum of services to the volleyball community that includes the following:

  • America's largest camp & clinic program (over 3,000 participants in 2016)
  • Home of the Sports Performance Volleyball Club (over 500 boys and girls ages 13-18).
  • Great Lakes Center Youth Volleyball Academy (over 1,000 participants per year) which includes programs such as the "VolleyTikes" & "VolleyTots" to expose the sport of volleyball to the 3-10 year old age level.
  • Home of the Great Lakes Power League, one of the strongest junior leagues in the U.S.
  • Home to numerous tournaments throughout the year to boys and girls of all levels.
  • Recruiting video services for athletes pursuing a collegiate scholarship.
  • Full service consulting to assist volleyball organizations in developing short and long term planning to ensure a successful business model.
Volleyball player on her knees digging a ball