2019 Coaches School – I-V.

Video Length: 84 minutes

Video Description

I. Organizational & Program Development Overview

II. Understanding the Physical Demands of Volleyball

  • A. Energy systems (using correct concepts to train your team)
  • B. Physical components (quickness & power) of volleyball
  • C. Active warm-up: (functional flexibility through strength)
  • D. “Blocked” training to develop “muscle memory”

III. Skills & Skill Components

  • A. Understanding components within each skill
  • B. 1st Contact (serve-pass-dig)
  • C. 2nd Contact-setting (overhand or underhand)
  • D. 3rd Contact (attack) primary point-scoring skill

IV. Player Positioning & Demands

  • A. L1 vs. L2
  • B. M1 vs M2
  • C. Right / Opposite
  • D. Libero / DS (pass-dig-serve-set)

V. Statistics, Scouting, Practice Planning, and Overtraining Issues

  • A. How statistics play a key role in team and player development.
  • B. Scouting and its importance to team success
  • C. Practice planning: Macro & Micro cycles
  • D. Overtraining and recovery issues. Understanding the current “injury epidemic” in high school and junior volleyball.

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