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Michael Tapscott asked 3 years ago

Could you explain how you teach your young middles to hit a slide?
Thank you

Rick Butler Staff replied 3 years ago

Mike, When we teach the slide here are our teaching cues.
1. We use 4 steps (R-L-R-L) with the first step being a short initiation step straight towards the antenna
2. We use a bent arm running motion vs. the normal straight arm VB approach
3. The 4th (last step) step is a long left drive step with the R arm being drawn back in more of a circular motion vs. the traditional “bow and arrow” technique of a 2 foot take off.
Here’s good footage of the technique

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Erik Vogt Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Mike,
We usually won’t start teaching the slide until 15’s. When we first start we try to get the kids to just run and hit. We will have coaches toss so the middles can get a consistent set and eventually move to setters setting off a coach toss. We will eventually use it in our component play. Most of our teams run a 6-2 in 16/15 age group and don’t use the slide. However, we want them to get use to hitting them so when they get to our 18/17 age level they can do it effectively. The hardest part for young middles to learn is to run with their arms pumping instead of throwing their arms back like a normal front attack.¬†
I hope this helps,