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Sal Diaz asked 2 years ago

18s team has a 3day tournament starting Friday affermoon. We have practice Thursday evening and I was going to run a light pracfice. The problem is we didn’t play well the last tournament 2 weeks ago and I have had key players miss the last 2 practices. Do you have a recommendation for they type of practice to have on Thursday evening? Should I run a normal practice or not risk them being tired for the 3 day tournament?

Erik Vogt Staff replied 2 years ago

Hello Sal,
Before a three-day tournament, we will usually do several variations of component play during the practice. For example, we would do each of the following drills for 10 min.
3 on 3 (dig the ball and hit it over)
3 on 3 with a setter front row working on back row timing
4 on 4 (multiple variations you can do)
5 on 5 (no middle front)
This type of training is great because it’s very similar to what they will see in a normal match but not as tiring and it allows you to work on situation digging/rallying. We finish the component play off with 20-30 min of 6 on 6 component (multiple variations depending on what your team needs to work on) followed by passing by rotations for 30-40 minutes.
We play a good amount before any of our tournaments. Ultimately you’ll have to decide what’s best for your program. If your team normally does component play before a tournament then this wouldn’t be any different. However, if your team doesn’t normally do a lot of component play I would be careful to not overdo it. I hope this helps!