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Sal Diaz asked 9 months ago

in a couple of the passing videos you have i’ve you mention sticks that the players hold to really force a flat platform. I was wondering what you are using for sticks? In another passing video I see smaller yellow balls being used for passing. What balls are being used and do you know where I can get some? Thanks!!

Erik Vogt Staff replied 9 months ago

We use the sticks to help the athletes have wider platforms when they pass and dig. We also use many different types of balls (held under the athlete’s chin) to reinforce keeping the athlete’s chins down while they pass and dig. This helps limit how much an athlete will swing their arms when they pass or dig.

Sal Diaz replied 9 months ago

I definitely see the value in both. What I was wondering is where I can get those stocks? I thought maybe Lincoln logs would suffice or pencils but not sure. As for the balls, in the teaching passing video there is a segment where the players look like they are passing oversized tennis balls. I was wondering what balls were being used in the segment. Thanks!!!

Erik Vogt Staff replied 9 months ago

You’ll need wood that is pretty sturdy. We purchased wood at a hardware store and sand them down on the sides. We cut the sticks into 6 inches long and 1/2inch wide. Those are large “squishy” balls you are looking at can be found online. This is an example of what you can use for both.
Squishy Balls
Wood Sticks

Sal Diaz replied 8 months ago

Thank you!