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Troy Webb asked 1 year ago

We are a young and inexperienced varsity team this season.  I have a Freshman ‘lefty’ starting at RS that I am going to have to move to OH to get her more swings.  My #2 OH does not score for us.  Likely just for the second half of this season.  Any advice on how to best utilize her?  She can single-leg and use her wrists to vary shots.

Rick Butler Staff replied 1 year ago

Sorry for the delay in responding. We have used lefty’s on the left side before and they do great once they get used to playing the position. Single leg attack is always an option if she has to pass or play the ball inside the court. She will probably hit more zone 1/6, 6/5 & 5 balls than a right handed attacker, but I would also work on her attacking line by dropping the thumb inside just like a righty would do on the RS. Here’s some video of Regla Bell, Cuban Olympic champion who was a great OH. Also, of some leftys playing in the OH position.

Good luck and best wishes.