What Our Customers Are Saying

I LOVED them! The high quality of the video and the detailed information on every aspect of the game was exactly what I was looking for as a coach. The videos are user-friendly and coaches at every level are sure to benefit.

Keba Phipps

Keba’s accomplishments include: A 2-time Olympian, the youngest member of the 1988 Olympic team, played professional volleyball for 13 seasons in the Italian pro league, 1991 Most Valuable Player of the Italian pro league, plus many other honors and championships while overseas.

I like (the Setter Videos) so much. The videos are also very complete. They are my Favorite. In the last 3 years during my training I used many of them.

Gabriele Crepuscolo

Youth & Junior Club Coach in Italy

Teaching and Training the Outside Attacker could be the finest outside attacking instructional I have seen. It was excellent and easy to comprehend progressions from novice to advance which makes the video extremely productive for coaches at all levels.

John Shondell

Purdue University Women’s Associate Head Volleyball Coach